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Atlanta Gas Suspicously Sets My House On Fire

outside-garage-1.jpg furnice-1.jpg

(1) The Garage after the fire and (2) the furnace that Atlanta Gas Light set a fire inside the garage.


The meter was removed the day of the fire.


Some of the things from the boxes stored in the garage as we were moving in.


The other side of the garage.

burned-items-in-hallway-2.jpg bathroom-ceiling.jpg

(1) The hallway and (2) the bathroom ceiling that the fire crew punched out…. but why?


They knocked down some of the books off the shelves. Here’s a raw shot of the floor.


We salvaged as many books as possible including The History of Skull & Bones.


The door on the right is the entrance to the bathroom and garage.


More areas the fire department knocked in the walls.

books-on-flr-1.jpg burned-hallway-1.jpg

(1) The upstairs and (2) the entrance to the garage from inside of the house.


The living room.


Public Enemy#1?

“The path of the Warrior is lifelong, and mastery is often simply staying on the path.”

– Richard Strozzi Heckler, In Search of the Warrior Spirit

The true warriors in our midst are few and far between. The most honorable way to show gratitude to those – whose very existence is a ‘calling’ to sacrifice on behalf of the whole – is to empower them to stay on their destined path by any and all means should they encounter an obstacle to their progress. Professor Griff, of Public Enemy, is one such warrior and he is now in need of his people (all righteous, like-minded people), in order to stay on his destined path of educating and liberating the masses of our people.

Presently, Professor Griff is under the devastating siege of insurmountable loss as he and his family weather the storm of a fire which destroyed his Atlanta home and studio. The fire which was reportedly caused by a gas leak and is still under investigation occurred on February 10, 2008 and destroyed 90% of the family’s valuables (an expansive library collection of over 3000 books, CD’s, DVD’s, lecture transcripts, furniture, clothing, instruments, studio equipment and countless international valuables/artifacts collected during the course of a twenty-year professional entertainment career).

Given the pending investigation of the fire and the highly suspect nature of the gas leak, Professor Griff’s resources have been severely strained during the interim period (and perhaps indefinitely). Admittedly and adding another layer of injury to this devastating loss; Professor Griff has had to face the personal trauma of his home and studio loss in spite of an undying commitment to his family, his people and in addition, an increasingly demanding national appearance roster, which has ceased to wane. As such, any and all efforts, contributions, and/or donations of tangible resources (particularly revenue to begin to replace instructional and professional items lost), are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Let us firmly commit as a people, to begin to rebuild the substantive loss our warrior-brother Professor Griff has sustained by each doing our part to give of our own resources, to the extent we are able, thereby enabling our selfless warrior to stay on his destined path.

Words could not begin to convey the depth of gratitude our brother wishes to express for the outpouring of love, support and donations already received from scores of conscious brothers and sisters throughout the world Diaspora. He is undoubtedly awed and humbled by the messages of affirmation, prayer and financial support received from people who reside as far as London, Amsterdam and Paris; to those closer to home within the continental United States. Every prayer, sentiment and heartfelt, generous donation has been humbly accepted and wholly appreciated. To quote Professor Griff’s recent statement to the Amsterdam News regarding his loss, “I lost 3,000 books and 1,000 DVD’s. I’m trying to rebuild my library, so that I can continue to serve my people and be the minister of information that I am. This is like a plumber being without his tools.”

For all other people of conscious and righteous intent who wish to join the ranks of the cadre who have chosen to bless and otherwise empower our warrior-brother to stay on his pre-destined, revolutionary path via selfless donations; please forward each of your contributions, cards and donations and resources of any kind c/o: (checks/money orders may be made payable to: Kavon Shah)

Kavon Shah

P.O. Box 11902

Atlanta, Georgia 30355

678 557-2919

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Secure credit/debit card donations may be conveniently made c/o the Pay Pal account posted on this site. Thank you, in advance, for your outpouring of love and support to Professor Griff and his family, during this their time of need! Stay tuned for event information regarding an upcoming National Black United Front fundraiser being planned in honor of our Hip Hop icon and Revolutionary Warrior, Professor Griff. In addition, please continue to look for detailed news updates on how your documented donation will be more formally acknowledged c/o this site.


“You can prevent your opponent from defeating you through defense, but you cannot defeat him without taking the offensive.”

– Sun Tzu