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This blog site is about creating a voice for the voiceless.

Now a little about Professor Griff ……….

Professor Griff was exposed to hip-hop as it came to the Long Island, New York town of Roosevelt, where most of the founding members of Public Enemy grew up. By the 1980s, Griff had become a martial arts enthusiast as well as having done a stint in the U.S. Army.

After coming home, he started a security service to work the local party circuit, calling it Unity Force. Griff was then a part of the Spectrum City DJ-for-hire service led by Hank Shocklee, and Spectrum City and Unity Force frequently worked side-by-side at local events. When Public Enemy was formed and signed to Def Jam, Chuck invited Griff to be a road manager and the leader of the S1W’s. Unity Force was Griff’s organization renamed “The Security of the First World”, or S1W for short. The S1W’s were brought along, and became a curious combination of bodyguards/Souljahs for the band. Their stage routines were a tight combination of martial arts and military drill.

While technically not a signed artist at Def Jam, he was nonetheless a key traveling member of the band, serving as de facto road manager for several years.

At the same time, Chuck D was in talks with 2 Live Crew leader Luther Campbell, who then signed Griff as a recording artist for his label Skyywalker (later, Luke Records). He recorded three albums for Luke, Pawns in the Game (1990), Kaos II Wiz-Dome (1991) and Disturb N the Peace (1992). These LPs were critically acclaimed by most in the Hip-Hop press, while getting heavily mixed reviews from the Rock press, who tended to cite his recent controversies as a sticking point. Griff eventually moved back to Atlanta and did a brief stint working as a bounty hunter for a family member’s bail bondsman service.

By 1996, he and Chuck D resumed their relationship as Griff did some guest vocals on Chuck D’s solo The Autobiography of Mistachuck album. By 1998, Griff had formally re-joined the band, performing on “Game Over” on the He Got Game LP and he went on tour with Public Enemy for the House of Blues/Smokin’ Grooves tour, which was a kind of hip-hop-centered Lollapalooza. That same year, he released his fourth solo album, Blood of the Profit, on Lethal/Mercury Records. And the Word was Made Flesh followed in 2001- In an unfortunate coincidence, its release date was on September 11 of that year.

An accomplished percussionist/drummer, Griff’s role in Public Enemy has expanded, as he has contributed vocals and production work to Public Enemy’s There’s a Poison Goin’ On, Revolverlution and New Whirl Odor LPs. When not on tour with PE, he fronts a funk/metal/rap side project called The 7th Octave. The four-piece unit released their debut EP in 2004 on MVD Recordings, and plans to re-release it in 2005.

Creating his K.I.D.S (karing individuals developing skillz) project called  “KidHoppaz”

Releasing his book Atlanta Musick Biz (R.I.P Resource Information Publication) and began writing his next book “The Psychological Covert war on Hip Hop”

Lecturing across the global and educating people on the Metaphysical Goddestry of the soul of Hip Hop.

July 6, 2007




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